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Rebuilding Lives in Pakistan

The devastating floods of 2022 swept across Pakistan, leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction. Millions were displaced, homes were lost, and communities were left reeling.

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Rebuilding Lives in Pakistan

The unimaginable damage and destruction caused by the floods in 2022, have taken over one-third of the entire country, making these floods even worse than the floods in 2010.

For families to have sufficient shelter and adequate roofs, Islamic Relief has started to work on providing permanent shelters for those in need. Houses are being built in the worst affected areas of Balochistan and Sindh. Each home consists of a 14’x14’ room manufactured with thick brick walls to ensure a strong and durable structure. The project also aims to support and train local workers to build homes to support with skill training and livelihoods.

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Be the Answer to Their Prayers:

  • Donate today and help families rebuild their homes, their livelihoods, and their hope.
  • Your generosity empowers them to move beyond the devastation and build a brighter future.
  • Together, we can rise above the waters and ensure that Sindh & Balochistan, Pakistan emerges stronger than ever.

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